White Widow Sheriff Event 1st Place - Myrtle Beach, SC

published Jul 15, 2015 | | |
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dacool561 23

I played this. It won. Not too shabby for something I threw together the day before :)

When I constructed this deck I had a mindset that Desolation Row was the top tier deck in the current meta. I tried to construct several decks to play against it, but I didn't feel comfortable running any of those decks in a tournament setting. This has a 16-16-14 split because Allie had to be in there fight against turtle decks (though I never did start her).

If I were to modify the deck any I would probably -1 Evanor +1 Fancy New Hat, and perhaps -1 A Coach Comes to Town +1 Flight of the Lepus.

Feel free to ask any questions and i'll try my best to respond.