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DoomDog 902

Having finally managed an event win with my Rafi deck (see 'The Governator 3.1: Jailhouse Rock'), I figured I'd try something different for the Huddersfield Deputy. I had several decks with me but ended up playing this one I threw together the night before. I wasn't too concerned with winning, and it seemed like it would be a fun deck to play.

The idea behind this is following my usual 'I like this dude, so let's build a deck featuring them' approach and inspired by a conversation on the Doomtown Facebook group and the recent Shane & Graves fiction, I decided I'd represent Team Lula in the Morgan Cattle Company power struggle. Being thematic, this meant going for the rancher type dudes rather than a mad science based deck, and I ended up with a bit of a chess/shooter hybrid.

I lost my first game vs Fourth Ring Control. I played like I was using my Law Dogs, got Travis Moone and Jon Longstride into a turn one shootout which they lost and I couldn't regain momentum from there. In the following games I slowed the tempo down a bit and did a lot better.

I ended up with two wins - one vs. a Desolation Row deck and one vs. a different Fourth Ring Control deck which was settled on a tie, and two losses - the previously mentioned Fourth Ring Control and a Wendy Shotgun deck which went to a tiebreaker where I made a bad move which cost me, a little disappointing as I felt I was ahead before time was called. The deck held its own in shootouts and got involved in some intense chess battles of wits, and I'm happy with how it performed.

I managed to fulfill my personal win conditions for the day, which were to invent the Diable en Boite and then get to use it, and to have Lula be useful for things other than the Morgan home ability (Longstride camping opponent's Blake Ranch = money!). She also avoided getting aced the entire day!

All in all another awesome day of Doomtown at IQ games!