Oklahoma City 2015 Sheriff Winner

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gra_nt 34

it's a pretty standard fourth ring shooter/control hybrid that i based off of a deck i saw here a while ago (http://dtdb.co/en/decklist/806/the-circus-of-value-updated-for-faith-and-fear-).


the starting posse is ridiculous. paralysis mark and blood curse are unfair cards that let you sit back (and potentially just win) when you aren't confident you have shootout dominance. i think one of the baird's should be a jail instead (baird's is strong and helps you snowball a high-deed starting hand, but 1 money for a control point with the potential to increase via my mostly private deeds/everybody playing sloane seems good), but both are probably viable. nic, louis, and the casino all let me leverage money into wins when otherwise at parity with staunch/cautious opponents.


round 1 vs mitch with law dogs starting exp 1 judge/burton/philip?/tommy?:

he marked valeria on an early action with the judge but i rebuffed and he lost the token and left. he tried again with a bigger posse on the second day but shootout resolutions took care of all of his influence.


round 2 vs tim with law dogs starting wendy/tommy/philip/jake:

i play against tim regularly and we both know the decks and the matchup. it was a tight game and a fluke win for me in a long line of losses in this matchup (i'm something like 2-14 in our games with these decks).


round 3 vs john with mcc starting exp 1 max/irving/kyle/jacqueline:

his first action is to boot max to play louis and put himself at 0 gr. i paralysis mark him to keep him locked at home and throw out a tax office. he loses lowball day 2 and loses louis. i move all of my dudes to town square waiting for a deed to hit his side and we move to day 3. he loses lowball again and goes to 2 gr. he boots max to put out eve which i promptly tax office. he boots irving and his outfit to play a deed and i throw out nic. i buff nic up over his influence value, he tries to contest with jacqueline and it doesn't work.


round 4 vs micah with law dogs starting rafi/andrew/tommy/philip:

i also play micah regularly and we tested several games with these decks leading up to this weekend. i have early paralysis marks to stifle development and i play some deeds of my own. after a few turns we get in a situation where i can win if i take one of his government deeds so i go for it. he drops steven, runs in and has rafi drag everybody else that was booted in for a shootout. unfortunately i have double hex slingin' and an it's not what you know to bridge the gap.


top cut vs micah best 2/3

game 1

i draw a hex-heavy opener and win early.

game 2

i have to travis this game while he uses burton on valeria. i have to move carefully to avoid bounty hunter/rope and ride. i get a little greedy with micah (the card) hexing in town square to use my outfit ability and he gets roped and ridden instead of valeria. i didn't feel comfortable extending dulf/jake so micah died. fortunately that gave me time to set up valeria and economy uncontested. when the second shootout of the game happened on the next day, i got to commit everybody this time and again the shootout wasn't in favor of micah (the player this time).


thanks for reading and thanks to the little shoppe of games crew for putting on a great event.

Jul 28, 2015 LordManHammer

Well done and great deck. I have been playing a similar with 9-J-Q as values with Paralysis mark as an off value. What are your reasons for using 10?

Aug 11, 2015 gra_nt

@LordManHammer sorry for such a late reply! thanks. i think 10 is a lot stronger than 9 in every suit (except maybe spades). magical distraction seems interesting too, but i think unprepared is generally stronger (and just bricks so many decks). the deeds are, no contest, in 10's favor. i find shadow walk to be much better than phantasm as well. running 8s over a different value is tempting, but i'm still really happy with the values i have now.