ranching gone wrong

published Jul 24, 2015 | | |
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jaythejester 449

This deck is 6/8/K which will almost guarantee a ranch in your starting hand. Boldman xp will auto succeed on all gadgets while using gadgetorium ability, except flamethrowers. Don't worry about R&D imploding on a club pull unless you have guys there, 6's are your strong value. This deck is good at earning ghost rock turn one from home ability, feeders, stockyards, and R&D, while inventing gadgets reduced to cost zero by specks. Combos include steven + forcefield (if you have the GR), Point blank + Flamethrower. Play smart and you can often bait your opponent with those feeders/M Ranch/Stockyard. Thats where rumors, and Mech horses come in.

Still tinkering with this deck constantly. I love the concept and gameplay, but still oiling its gears. Will likely see revisions.