Gadgettown SF Clubless

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soulblight 87

The idea is to play one of each heart to preserve the straight flush shootout structure (max 2 of one value). Values are focused in 4s to discourage mass gadget creation which would weaken the draw structure.

Aswell will get you a ranch if you didn't draw one in your opening hand. Specks will help play ranches, and Elander will get the pulls using the home ability to invent cheap gadgets.

Get J.W into play and voltron him up and use Elander's shootout ability to supercharge him. With an Asyncoil that Elander has improved, JW is at 7 bullets.

For extra influence, switch to Elander Exp, play a Fancy New Hat, get a horse on Jen, and give attire to JW.

Vitality Tonic Arden and use the Clown Carriage on Jen or JW to get him in the shootout unbooted.

Use Force Fields to protect against losing the shootout, and use Scoop Hound as your casualty. The R&D, Secured Stockyard, and Cattle Feeder will contribute significant funds every turn allowing for liberal Force Field play.

Use Quaterman and the Recursive Motion Machine to pay for the Force Field as well.

Get as many deeds and dudes out as you can and your straight flush becomes much more likely.

Jul 29, 2015 lawpsided

How has this deck done for you? Have you taken it up against any tournament winners or competed with it?

Jul 29, 2015 soulblight

I haven't used it in competition, just for fun. It tends to make games last a while as you patiently wait for your cards to cycle. I've used it against an aggressive SF Desolation Row deck that was able to keep Steven Wiles in play every turn and they weren't able to win without initiating a final shootout, and I've used it against an aggro bounty LD deck which couldn't get passed the Force Fields and Quatermans.

There's no Cheatin' punishment in this deck, so you'll likely be up against cheatin' 5 of a kinds, but with the R&D and the Cattle Feeder, you can power up your Force Fields to force a tie and discard a Scoop Hound or Quaterman.

I haven't tried it against Control Clowns, but this deck does have an unbooting mechanic with Vitality Tonic, albeit expensive.

Jul 29, 2015 lawpsided

Seems really fun. Can't wait to try out some of the ideas =) Thanks for posting

Jul 30, 2015 soulblight

Thanks for your comments. I got the idea from another deck I was trying out that ran oodles of gadgets, and seeing my dudes running around with all kinds of interesting contraptions attached was amusing to say the least :-)