no body is kung foo fighting.

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jaythejester 455

This deck was inspired by Gorshde's scatterslide deck. While fundamentally different, it using much of the same strategies. You have plenty of influence, a first turn income of 3 (at the cost of starting at 4 cards). This deck needs to be both aggressive and controlling. Abuelita keeps your upkeep down, but only if you control an opponent's location. When your opponent comes after your dudes controlling their locations you have 12 actions that will keep them booted, or send them home. This deck moves a lot as well, between the horses, Pharmacy, railroad, jackson, surveyor's, and Chow, you should be flying all over the board. I haven't fully tested this deck. It will likely have problems against desolation row if they don't run many deeds.

Aug 10, 2015 byronczimmer

Why follow the ways of Kung Fu if you do not practice the Techniques?
It is like bringing a beautiful pistol to a fight and leaving the bullets at home.

Why not start an extra dude since Xiaodan Li would let you?

Aug 10, 2015 jaythejester

I wanted to be careful of over spending my starting GR. I don't know who else to start that would be cheap enough. Xiaodan and Benjamin are not just cheap casualty soak, but they can also contest opponents deeds during upkeep with Hiram. Xui Yin Chen isn't there for her kungfu (though it really helps her value/grit), she is to make your veritable army all become studs. Ham Shanks is for his value, protection, no upkeep influence. Daomei Wang is for the cheap, surprise 2 stud, plus influence to take control of deeds, plus moving other 108 dudes.