Wardens of the Balance

published Aug 09, 2015 | | |
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None. Self-made deck here.
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Shamans DMH 4 8 1

Gozik 612

Ok, that's how I see eagles should be played.

Very strong posse with 2 stud dudes in defence. They help you occupy square and abuse outfit ability. Card advantage is a thing.

Two start studs and Nature tokens allow you to play Point Blanks easily, also expandable tokens enhance NTB and Taking Ya effect to next level.

Shooting value is 10s, following up with Qs.

8, J, K is not a value to rely on, it is better to ace this cards with outfit ability and Burried Tressure if you have an oppotunity to do so.

Smiling Frog is my new favorite card. Besides the fact that it is ussually stud-3 with influence and no upkeep dude, he allows you to discard expensive cards from hand and draw more at sundown phase. I would probably play a weak dude that say "Noon: discard a card" without any extra-bonus if it would be at reasonable cost. But Frog moreover boosts his bullets discarding and he is a stud. This is fantastic efficiency.

Mazatl is basicly Micah of Eagles. (And Micah was always my favourite huckster.) By sending him with spirit trail to opponent's deed you force your opponent to chase your shaman. If opponent choose not to do it you shop some totems in his deed, and now you can cast tokens there or move from home without booting (spirit trail is really huge card!). If he jumps to a deed with Mazatl you just use his noon ability and now can go to some other place, meanwhile your opponent's dude must boot to go from his deed. This tactic gives you lot of board advantage.

Have 7 games win-streak with this deck, beating several times kungfu, law dags and Desolation Row. So far there is no single lose to anyone. Still need to pass clowntest, but I'm sure that this build will be very strong in any meta.

Have fun!

Aug 10, 2015 mplain

I like this starting posse very much! Testing will show, but so far it does look quite strong.

The only thing that I question is building this deck around 8's and taking J's off-value, rather than the other way around. Having more 8's in the deck makes you fail Spirit Dance more often, and I'm not sure that This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’ is any better here than Flight of the Lepus.