Fast control

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oortje 82

The point of this deck is what the titel already states. Try to get enough control out before the opponent has a steady income and solid hand. You try to get 1 or 2 control from a location. 1 from allie and 1 from the special. Maybe even 1 from Lawrence or opponents location. during the shootouts you'll try to go for straights or fullhouses if ramirio is in the group. without a stud it will be hard to get more then 2 pair. it had resonable results with it. If you have a solid way to counter it, then let me know because I hate these type of first turn decks.

Oct 30, 2014 db0

Many ways to counter such a deck. Pistol whip (or start Wendy) Ramiro and the Sloane player is a sitting duck if your own deck can draw decently. Catch and shotgun/soul blast Allie after she's used her ability. And of course your 3 starting influence is easy pickings to a Landslide deck which starts 5-6 influence and starts dropping 1-2 CP every turn.

Also remember your ability cannot give you the winning CP on the turn it's used.

Nov 01, 2014 Etteluor

Yeah like db0 said make sure you are realizing that the Sloan home ability does not trigger until AFTER a winner is checked for, so it will NOT count towards that days total.