1st Place Atlantic City Sheriff Event Pennywise and Posse

published Aug 16, 2015 | | |
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tbowers13 26

Well, this is hardly anything new and I'm not really sure what I can say that hasn't been said before, so instead I'll mostly focus on what I remember of the games. All-star cards of the day were Blood Curse and Paralysis Mark. (surprise surprise) I did notice after the fact that I had forgotten to make the changes I wanted with this deck, I would have run 2 Circle M rather than 2 Pat's Perch, and I wanted to run 2 Shadow Walk rather than 2 Soul Blast. I only caught my opponents cheatin' once or twice the entire day and didn't have It's Not What You Know... in hand either of those times so cheatin resolutions didn't come into play at all in my games. I was coach whipped once during lowball but that was it for cheatin resolutions played against me as I was able to make legal full houses and four of a kinds during the 1 or 2 shot outs each game that I got into.

Game 1 was against Law Dogs base outfit with Legendary Holster 2-3-4 I believe and it started Clyde Owens. First off, I kept thinking that Holster functioned the way that Shotgun functions so I wasn't as worried as I should have been. I started out playing Paralysis Mark on Valeria and moved her to the town square. I tried booting down Clyde but pulled an 8 rather than 9+ and failed. Then Clyde moves to town square and I try using Leon's ability to boot him down again and pull another 8. Leon was already wanted thanks to Andrew Burton so booting Leon wasn't gonna make any difference, he can't refuse Clyde's call out regardless. Needless to say my opponents next move was to have Clyde move to my home and then kick in my door and call out Leon. I have everyone but Jake and Valeria join (big mistake, I was holding Hex Slingin' and Valeria was the only one with a hex equipped) and I draw 6 with 2 discards and my opponent draws 10! Luckily for me we both draw a legal full house (would've been nice to have that hex slingin) and I lose the Brute to cover my 1 casualty while my opponent loses Clyde and his holster. Lucky for me my opponent wasn't able to play a deed for the first 3 turns so I wasn't really pressured being at 3 influence. I was able to play deeds and spells and eventually used Blood Curse and Rumors to lower my opponents influence to 2 and win with 3 deeds in play on turn 3 I believe.

2nd match was against an Arsenal gadget deck. It started Zoe, Andrew Burton, Philip and Tommy I think. The only gadget I saw him play was Flamethrower, after he passed it to Andrew I was able to keep him booted down at home for the whole game. My 2nd opponent was also having trouble playing any deeds and when he did finally play 1 I was able to camp it and he never made a single ghost rock off of it. I tried using Phantasm's 2nd ability a few times to pull his dudes out of his home but kept pulling 8s and failing. Eventually I had enough Blood Curse/Rumors to lower his influence enough for the win.

3rd opponent was playing Morgan Landslide. He was starting the same posse I use for Landslide: Irving, Gina, Clementine, Jake and Androcles. Again, I tried using my Phantasms a few times to push his dudes from home out to the town square but kept pulling 8s. He was able to get a good economy going early even with Leon and Valeria camping his deeds. When I was finally able to corner him and start a fight he'd use Pistil Whip to send me home instead or Make the Smart Choice. I did finally kill of Irving, which proved to be enough of an influence drop after 2 Blood Curse to win when time was called during Sundown of day 4 or 5. We were equally close to winning (1 away), but I had control of 1 more CP than him and won on tie breaks. I don't know what he had in his hand, but I feel that his biggest mistake was in playing Lillian on day 3. Maybe he didn't have any deeds in hand to play, idk. But after he played Lillian I played California Tax Office. He already had a Tax Office on his side which I had control of, and he was forced to move Lillian to mine to take it over. On the next turn I used his Tax Office on Lillian when he had only 3gr left and he decided not to pay her upkeep. If he was going to not pay her taxes he never should have paid her upkeep for the turn to begin with as it wasted 3gr. And if he'd kept Lillian til the end of the next day he would have won on tie breakers with Lillian's 5 influence.

Game 4 was against a Sloane-slide deck using the base outfit. He was able to get a number of deeds out pretty quickly and was starting 7 influence! I believe it was Clemtine, Ulysses, Jake Smiley, Marion and Allie. He was able to pump out deeds more quickly than I'd imagined with an early Charlie's Place and Blake Ranch. I didn't realize at first that it wasn't a Sloan shooter deck so I was hesitant to engage and didn't try camping his deeds. Squatting Ulysses and Clementine on Charlies didn't make it any more appealing either since Ulysses doesn't have to boot to use his ability. I drew a ton of spells though along with Circle M and was by the end of turn 2 I had 3-4 hexes each on Valeria and Leon while Freddy had a Rapier. I was lucky in that my opponents rarely had a non-melee weapon in their posse most games and Freddy often found himself with a sword making him an impressive 3 stud. My opponent kept playing deeds and I had 3 out myself, so it wasn't long before 3 Blood Curse 2 Soul Blast and 2 Paralysis Mark won the day. We wound up playing again in the cut to top 2 since we both had the best record and our fifth game was the only time that I used Freddy's grifter ability all day. My opening hand was all spades and clubs, so I pulled Soul Blast and Paralysis Mark. My opponent let me keep the Soul Blast which hurt because I wasn't able to use the outfit ability to cycle cards first turn and make money, he didn't oblige me with any shootout opportunities. The 2nd game went much like the first and it all came down to a final shootout with Leon The Brute and Valeria against his lonely Clementine. He was going to lose from having his influence reduced to 3 and had to pick a fight hoping I would cheat. Everyone else was booted down so Clementine was his only option. I drew a legal full house and that was that.

I was really surprised how little cheatin happened in my games both on my end and my opponents. Not once did I get to play Its Not What You Know... and only once or twice did I use Hex Slingin. I don't think I had more than 1 or two shootouts in a game. Now that I've won a Sheriff's Event I think I'm done with 4R for a while. It just feels super cheap to play, I don't think games against this deck are any more fun than games against Landslide decks. Probably heading to Arlington in two weeks for their event and I'm gonna try either Gadgetorium or Sloane Hex.