Money Solves Problems

published Nov 01, 2014 | | |
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sholder 81

The core idea is to use money to win fights - add bullets to Remy or Flame Thrower then Point Blank, use Force Field followed by Cheatin' Varmit to avoid losses.

All gadget pulls are easy to make with 0 skills, except Flame Thrower where theres a slight risk unless you have at least Mad Scientist 1.

The first day or so is rough since if you lose lowball you're at 1 GR, but almost every deed can be paid for via Home ability + Irving Patterson & you have 6 Inf. so you've got some buffer. Early on keep Remy & James Ghetty together for protection, after the first couple of days once you have income they can split up a bit.

Haven't had a chance to try this for real yet, feedback is welcome.