Mr. Miss' Fabulous 69ers

published Aug 28, 2015 | | |
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davido 101

JANK ALERT! - This is an intentionally janky build that I may or may not ever actually play.

The Fabulous Mr. Miss kept not quite making it into my 4R decks. So the obvious solution - BUILD A DECK AROUND Him/Her :D

Use two of the weakest values around - 6's and 9's as a two-value shooting/draw structure.

I go back n forth between 4R and OoN - but for now, going w/ the ghost rock and card draw of the original outfit.

I keep Freddy alive (their are plenty of Hexes that I generally don't need to dig for one) as a backup stud to Micah xp. Try to engage in shootouts and then use the reducers to pave the way for a Soul Blast.

Obvious weakness among many (did I mention this is a pure jank deck?): no way to engage/flush turtles. Perhaps a couple of kidnappings?