Dead man morgan

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jaythejester 460

The longer this deck lasts, the higher your chance of winning grows. Your largest threat to losing is from having Lillian called out. That's why this deck pack so much protection. Your spells will help make it harder to be called out, and Soul blast can either ace/send an opponent home booted, or soul blast yourself for a guaranteed escape home. You're still vulnerable to kidnappin', so a good draw structure, Jacqueline, tons of Steven Wiles + Hired Guns should help.

The ace value dudes are all cheap one turn influence, to stay alive, or grab the win. If not, they get discarded back for DMH value.

Last long enough, and get enough support dudes into the shootouts and you will draw DMH fairly frequently.

Sep 15, 2015 mplain

Hehe, had a very fun time playing against this :)

Oct 15, 2015 Csonti

Me too. :) Very nice concept btw.