Slone Madison WI Sheriff Event (2nd place)

published Sep 15, 2015 | | |
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Prodigy 695

I had some people ask me to publish my deck from the Madison Sheriff event on 9/12/2015 (last weekend). Congratulations to Jake with his Morgan Gadget deck, and thanks to everyone there for being fun, competitive, and all around great people! Every single player there was awesome - I met so many cool new folks.

This deck went 4-1 (pre cut to top 4) with 20 total players, and after the 4th round was the only undefeated deck. We cut to the top 4, and this made it to the final match. It's 2 losses were to the same deck, which had asyncoil guns that murdered many of my dudes (both games an asyncoil was on an Elander XP, so it hurt a bit : )

The final match was the most amusing and bizarre of the whole tournament, I would bet. Jake (Sheriff event winner with Morgan Gadgetorium) got 2 asyncoil guns, quickly proceeded to murder 4/5ths of my starting posse with the help of Elander XP. Jake Smiley was my only remaining dude, but there was only 1 control point on the board. Smiley kept me alive long enough to survive many many turns, where I just kept winning lowball (plus home ability was 4GR every turn) and dumping out dudes at home. Eventually we were running close to time, and Jake (not Smiley) was finally finding deeds to put out, so I had to come out of my home and lost to another barrage of asyncoil guns. I was sure I was going to lose the whole time, but it was a damn fun game all the way to the end when I had built back up to a good 6 dudes or so pretty quickly.

About the deck: I went in with 4R control in my sights. I love building decks that crush whatever deck type is currently dominating, and this deck is extremely strong vs 4th Ring and Des Row. Tons of dudes (can't boot em all!), a super fast clock, and a very strong defense in shootouts make it tough to deal with.

The general idea is to camp in town (nothing new there for Sloane) and either sit on their deeds or stay in town and force them to call you out. There are no jobs to run, and usually no reason to call anyone out - it's just a super strong defense deck. Having Jacqueline there as a cheap stud is just amazing. That extra GR per turn from not having someone like Angelica really makes a big difference. Whether it's 4R or Desolation Row, Jackie is so strong. She is nearly immune to shotguns, asyncoil guns, paralysis marks/leon, and becomes a stud in 90% of the shootouts this deck has.

I did a lot of playtesting with this deck before the tournament, and it did very well against all the main decks out there. 15/15/10 draw structure seemed a perfect balance for lowball and shootouts, and while it did cheat often, it was always able to bounce back from cheating punishment with the abundance of cheap dudes that often flooded town square. There were plenty of times I was worried about cheating punishment, though, in which case legal full house or 4oaK are extremely common.

It plays the 2 most powerful shootout actions (SIYE and Pistol Whip), and my 2 favorite guns (I love putting a pearl handed revolver on allie first turn - yay 2 stud dude for a total of 3 GR!) and some powerful anti cheating cards.

Overall very solid, and very fun to play.

Side note for the new expansion: I thought it was going to be legal (it wasn't) so I playtested against a lot of Wardens and 108th, and while it was very solid vs Wardens, 108th (with 4 shotguns) was very hard to deal with. 108th was the only deck I lost to consistently.) I feel like if the opposing deck doesn't have shotguns or asyncoil guns, this deck will do very very well. Even so, it can do extremely well with pistol whipping the shotgun/asyncoil holder back home, so it has a good fighting chance.