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Banditslide 2.0 (Livonia, MI Sheriff Event Winner) 14 16 8

Kahkalack 105

This is my take on Dudes & Deeds with the 108. Hamshanks provides some protection for your higher influence starters against actions targeting you at home while the faction's built in movement helps with the chess match once you get a good number of deeds out.

Once you get T'ou Chi Chow in play, you can really start controlling the game. His repeatable action allows you to pretty safely move your dudes around the board and out of harms way from things like Puppet.

One thing to note is that depending on the opponent this deck may have a hard time in a timed tournament setting. I won a game against a Gencon Top 8 4R deck with this, but I would have lost the tie-breaker at the 45 minute mark had time been called. I needed closer to an hour to secure the win. Then again, I'd have won a lot earlier had he not drawn 3 puppets by turn 2.

Changes to consider include rumours over reserves and mustangs over fancy new hat to add more movement. One good turn could be replaced with jackalope stampede as well if you think you're going to run into a lot of jobs that force shootouts.

Sep 16, 2015 Kahkalack

FYI in a tournament setting I'd almost definitely go Rumors > Reserves in the off chance that it's a close game when time is called. Could definitely make the difference. Otherwise Reserves is more useful on a more consistent basis.

Sep 16, 2015 mplain

Interesting. So what are the advantages this build has over a regular Morgan Landslide?

Sep 16, 2015 Kahkalack

@mplain Morgan Landslide was what I played primarily until now. The 108 has card advantage with Randall, some built in protection with Hamshanks, and you get to start more dudes which can give you some extra cannon fodder if you do get stuck in a shootout.

The only real advantage Morgan has is that the house card can speed up your economy, but in general booting your influence away from your house where they're vulnerable ends up being a bad idea.

Also T'ou Chi Chow is better in a landslide deck than anything Morgan can put on the board right now. Lilian and Max are both awesome, but with a decent amount of dudes and deeds in play, you can outmaneuver everyone once your big guy is in play. I'm considering running a 2nd copy of him honestly. He's that good.