London Sheriff (5th place) Blessed Hukster Dogs

published Sep 21, 2015 | | |
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VinceTurner 226

Deck I piloted to 4-1 in the Swiss then lost in the top 8 cut at the London 2015 Sheriff.

Previous UK tourneys had seen high Des Row/cheating high decks, so this was built to punish cheating and my usual unfair fight tricks.

Round 1: Dave Hogg Aresnal 1-0 Dave wasn't firing on all cylinders round one, minor manouvering occured with me letting Dave take the Town Square. A slip meant he moved his Jake Smiley with a hat via there on the way to deny my income - forgetting Steele had a second Paralyis Mark. Jake got booted, then jumped on by the rest of my posse, wiping out 3/5 of Dave's influence. That was pretty much game.

Round 2 Amit Sharma Law Dogs 2-0 Amit passed first action first turn so I built some tools. Second turn saw a Town Hall then pass, built some more tools Third turn saw Grothe get a Legendary Holster, at which point my team didn't look so hot. Overall though Consecration doing duty each turn, Paralysis Mark locking down the square and a sacrificial assault led to me being able to work around Grothe and the telegraphed SStakes Just Rose to gradually remove the influence via Steven Wiles/Kidnapping and Bounty Hunters. Grothe was left pretty much alone booted I the square whilst I stole the rest of town. Seems the slow start into Holster plan didn't work out.

David Woof? Morgan CC - 3-0 After a bit of thinking, decided with this number of Morgan players it was a good bet this was a slide deck so swapped to Judge - Perry - Wilbur. Turned out right, and although the deeds kept flying and Perry never managed to ready Judge for both the bounty and job same turn, enough judge launched assaults and a first turn kidnapping cleared the other side of the field of influence allowing me to steal control. Seemed a fairly standard slide, so Jobs (t avoid Smart Choice) and legal hands (to avoid Coachwhip/Lepus) did the trick.

Dan Vanderburg Oddities - 4-0 Let Dan take the town square in the early turns whilst I tool up. Then what commences was a grind of unfair shootouts and balancing legal/cheating to gradually remove the abominations and hucksters one at a time. Consecration again worked overtime to ensure I had enough studs to be credible. Once the economy on my side was running, I could pump out enough dudes past the Paralysis/Leon to ensure a call out occured, gradual slide to the victory in a low control point game.

Jason Jands Law Dogs - 4-1 Almost identical start, but Jason's deck was much less shootout orientated than mine. Given the turn out, that was the correct meta choice. A close game, I manage to obliterate all of Jason's dudes except Steele, but to do so all mine were booted out at home with his Steele sitting in my control point. Couple of influence reduction plays later, and I'm out the game despite the near wipe out.

Top 8 Cut Dan Vanderburg Oddities Same as the swiss, not going my way this time. Similar start but my economy wasn't so good clogging my hands with costly dudes I was nowhere near being able to play whilst Dan tooled up his dudes. Time started to drag and I wasn't turning it round. Eventually started a shootout that might have swung it - dropped Nightmare at Noon which wiped out all but Dan's Wiles, who was promptly Pinned down. Sadly my own Wiles+ hardin had been a bit drained, and despite a reasonable number of cards couldn't finish the deal. Hex slingin saw me losing one, and with it the game. In hindsight it was the first match I made play errors in. Knowing it was so close to time I should have played it different, and walking a Wiles into a Tax Office was plain stupid. Oh well, all credit to Dan they were both good close games.

As the record shows, Dan went on to face Jason in the top 4 and lost. Jason then beat Andrew Davidson in the final.

Changes I'd make? Less cheating punishment. It was the wrong meta call for that tournament. Soul cage was the last addition, and while I did manage to bring Bobo in once it was usually cycled. Jason also handily demonstrated the power of Walk the Path, something to consider in future.