The Caped Crusader

published Oct 17, 2015 | | |
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DoomDog 931

Abram's Crusaders is an interesting new home for the Law Dogs. It gives bonuses to deputies with melee weapons, and can make a dude a deputy. I'm going to want Rapiers to take advantage of that, and why not El Grajo?

Hmmm... he's a vigilante with a cape. The home is called Abram's Crusaders.

(Cue music)

That's pretty much the idea behind the deck. I would throw some gadgets in there to stick to the theme, but Blessed dudes with Miracles can give me more influence early on and can buff sword-users so they seem more useful. I'm thinking of actually playing some variant of this at an upcoming tournament so I'm willing to sacrifice some theme for something that actually works. Assembling a decent starting posse is tricky - I have to avoid dudes that have been sent to Boot Hill in the story, so no Philip Swinford. I can do with rearranging things a bit there, as they're currently all mildly functional tenuous Batman references. Dropping El Grajo would be a sensible move but then I'd lose the theme entirely!

I'm going to need to tinker with this a bit. Any comments are welcome.