The joke is on you.

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oortje 82

A bit slow deck that intends to win by outnumbering your opponent. The key to victory is to play hot lead flyin'. Try to get all the 0 upkeep dudes in townsquare or the bunkhouse. All your starting posse are very low valued, also all your 0 upkeep dudes are low valued, so hot lead flying can do maximum casulties.

Shootouts. The poker structure is blolcks of 16 J's and 16 Q's. You try to reduce your deck by acing your your abbominations that do not improve your poker draw structure.

With the Q of hearts you try to resurrect anything good. Ghostly gun would be a fine choise (if you opponent has an illigal full house) and then bounce it to your drawhand to improve your hand ranks. Ivor exp 1 should not be played for its cost of 8, rather wait till 2 or 3 dudes are aced, then play him to get 2 abominations back from the grave.

Economy. Your start with a low income and it will not improve much. Once you control your undertaker try to exploit the ace ability. And it can increase fast. You can play an abbomination, then ace it with no turning back to get a refund and 2 extra credits.Also the obvious combo with buried treasure for extra cycling.

Also. Be awere that acing a dublicate J or Q can pose a problem, since it blocks playing a second one. So dont try to get them aced, but sometimes you have no choise. This is a secondary objective, so dont bother too much if it happens,

Extra's. Smiling frog can help you cycle some dublicate deeds. bunckhouse and nicodem. Nicodem fits nice in your drawstructure and gives you an extra oppertunity in the endgame. Always put the bunckhouse next to the undertaker.

Just try it. I think you will have some fun with it. If not, tell me how to improve it.

Oct 30, 2015 ax4jim

I think you are misreading Hot Lead Flyin'. Dudes with a "VALUE" higher than the pull force the opponent to take a casualty. If you are pulling 10-Q your opponent would take zero casualties since you have no dudes with a VALUE higher than the pull. Maybe I'm reading into your strategy wrong here but Hot Lead Flyin' is typically used in a low value deck (i.e. A-5 with three + starters value 6 or higher.)

Oct 31, 2015 Zeetoois

@ax4jimYeah, either he misread the card or we're being MASSIVELY trolled, in which case the joke really is on us.

Oct 31, 2015 oortje

Thanks for slapping me back to reality. I have no intentions of trolling.

.... Deck disbanded.

Nov 02, 2015 Zeetoois

Hehe I figured not, but with the title of the deck... I really wasn't sure. ;)