Never say can't

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jaythejester 455

This deck will either work, or it won't. Many decks do not have the required tools to deal with this deck. If your opponent has those cards, you will most likely lose, if they don't, or have too few of those cards, you win.

I apologize to anyone that I've played this against. It is slower than landslide. Do not take this to a timed game.

So, here is the madness. Play attire on to Danny Wilde, mount up enough influence on him and only jobs will hurt him. Many Speak gets extra influence, and sacrificial dudes for EDS. Hired Guns is to retrieve dudes discarded from kidnappin'/Quarantine.

Play out cards, and cycle your deck, acing out cards you don't need using your home + buried treasure. Work you deck down until you have just 'Hiding', OGT, Pinned, Rumors, and Backroom in your deck, than go hunting with mario crane + ambush. Union Casino + Clementine for control points or GR. Jokers only get in the way.

Nov 02, 2015 soulblight

I've never seen a deck quite like this before. At first glance I had no idea what this deck did until I realized it was a slow boil to a legal SF with Mario. Very inspired! I can see how this would take a long time.