You can't spell FUN without F-U

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davido 101

OP4 Kit Winner 11-8-2015 Great Escape Games: Sacramento, California (3-0 in a 4 player Round Robin tourney)

This deck wants to shoot for a Straight Flush or 4/5 kind.
Peacemakers, Hiding in Shadows, Hamshanks serve to protect the stud du jour and make sure the bullets remain high. The other shootout tech also buffs your bullets while reducing theirs.

Pair of Six shooters is risky, but on an expendable weenie or where you have a stacked deck down to a 5 card top-deck draw, you can turn a flush into a straight flush.

Shotguns combined with bullet buffs are still great bully toys.

Deeds are minimal - support the draw structure. Gomorra Parish is to ace all non-clubs.

I never really used Civil War - I still think it's good against DRow after everyone boots home or versus Turtle decks to move dudes to town square or off the home. I'll probably go to 2x Civil War and 2x Make 'em Sweat.

I like Zhu's Ferocity, but may go 2x ZF and add 1 or 2 Bottom Dealin's to augment the Coachwhips.

I never used Hero's Passing and would be more than happy to see another Faster on the Draw.

over 3 games, I drew a Straight Flush at least once in each. If I didn't see or could risk Cheatin', I went to town on Five of a Kind - one shootout, I blasted off 3 straight 5K.

For a 108 Mirror match where I suspected a Bai Yang start, I went with Xui Yin.