infinite potential

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Derived from
Masterpiece Theater (25 Stud is the current record) 17 18 15
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jaythejester 435

Based on Goreshde's Masterpiece theater.

Trimmed many of the out of A8J structure cards. Added Sarah, Clint. Changed 3 of the ace dudes to cycling dudes. Whateley estate bring The Evidence back if you need it, or to retrieve other non dude cards that shouldn't have gotten aced.

Buffalo Rifle is the most important addition. Zach can join any intown shootout, while staying in the town square with Danny.

Civil War to move Danny or Zach bach to the town square if they get booted out of position. Also can often be used to pull someone to the town square from their home.

Hired Guns to bring back vital dudes who get discarded from casualties or kidnappin'.

1 copy of ambush for forcing your opponent into a shootout. Couple with Buffalo Rifle + Zachary for maximum effect.

Called Infinite Potential because it's has unlimited potential for stud bullet rating, Influence, and control points.

Nov 28, 2015 mplain

Hmm... if you play Civil War and choose two opposing dudes, who gets to choose where to move them, you or your opponent?

Nov 28, 2015 mplain

Oh and, Buffalo Rifle doesn't quite work with jobs. It prevents you from booting, but you still have to move. See the Official Ruling and the Timing Structure. Basically, during a callout dudes move and boot to join, but during a job they boot to join, then move.

Nov 28, 2015 jaythejester

I see where I miss read about civil war. It is still pretty useful, but often situational.

As far as Buffalo Rifle + Jobs, I didn't know about that ruling. Thank you. A bit of a let down, but I still want to keep the 2 rifles, just for rocking any shootout in town. As for ambush, I like having at least one card that will force a do or die on my opponent, and there are some very good studs in this deck to run the job.