Dirty Deeds Season Championship Event Gun and Done - 4th Pla

published Dec 14, 2015 | | |
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kollatt 496

a newer take on classic law dogs that utilizes a flexible starting posse and a low percentage of control points to steal away. this makes their movement less effective and allows you to occupy town square without having to dart around defending your property. they can spend their time hiding or attempting to cut off your production, but with nine different anti-turtle actions and the judge it won't be very easy. monte bank and the evidence give you extra economic options that aren't tied to your diamonds so the draw structure can remain tight without affecting ghost rock production.

beginning with dave montreal is brutal against den of thieves decks and a starting gang based on dan knight's coined "wisely method" with so many forceable callout effects means banditslide is a completely winnable matchup. the deck felt strong during the tournament and had AMAZING recovery power thanks to three copies of steve wiles and four hats to keep you in the game ( a generous flow of steves combined with the telegraph office is also an amazing money generator btw ). i had several situations where crazy shootouts left few dudes floating on the table and i just threw more down without missing a step. a weak draw in top 4 vs. a nasty shootout draw for my opponent cut my night short, but make no mistake.. this deck is fun and potent.

Dec 14, 2015 db0

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