atomic lillian

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jaythejester 449

This deck takes advantage of Lillian's ability, and builds a devastating wall of spells. Howard Aswell is your grifter so that you have a guaranteed 15 cards in your discard pile after lowball. Morgan Gadgetorium works with low level spell pulls to gain you GR.

From their, you can use Buried Treasure to draw extra cards and gain ghost rock. Good Stiff Drink allows Lillian to use her ability multiple times. One Good Turn can be used for GR if your opponent lowball cheats and you can really use the money, but it is really here to keep the deck about drawing spells. Acing One Good Turn with Buried Treasure is the common action first couple turns.

Once you have a good number of spells you can go on the offensive. Forced Quarantine can be played by Lillian's ability (after hitting them with stone idol/blood curse) if you need to force things. Corporeal Twist + Soul Blast is the game winning ticket. Whatever you do though, avoid reaching resolution. Lillian should move in for a kill, then get out by soul blasting herself.

Pistol whip is to help against aggressive jobs. Hiding in the Shadows should be given high priority if your opponent has unprepared. If not, ace it out with Buried Treasure. Watch out for Scoop Hound, or low ball winning Legendary Holster, Phantom Fingers should help with those. Puppet was to good to pass up for this deck, but they might have to get dropped.

This deck hasn't had much testing. If you're having problems with losing to fast control point build, sub in a copy of hired guns, and an Irving Paterson. Not sure what to pull though.