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DoomDog 934

Disaster! Gomorra has been hit by a vile plague! Luckily for the townsfolk, the good men & women of Abram's Crusaders have launched a church fundraiser to help combat the disease. Taking advantage of charitable donations and levying emergency taxes, the Law Dogs hope to spread the power of light and purge the town of unclean undesirables (that means you).

Abram's Crusaders means the likes of Tommy and Erik can become big studs rather quickly if they get hold of a Rapier or Tlaloc's Furies early on. Ideally Rev. Perry also gets Walk the Path early too. Use Tummy Twister to defend your deeds, and Extortion and This is a Holdup! to boost your economy, while holdup also hurts your opponent's stash. Walk the Path is there to move dudes from deeds they don't need to be at after they've done a bit of fundraising, and Perry's in because his ability can unboot dudes after holdups and is generally awesome.

All going well you're applying pressure with big studs and limiting your opponent's income while increasing your own, and those are both things that put you on the path to victory. That said, hex control and landslide decks will still cause this some trouble so it's not the best thing to take anywhere you're expecting to face a lot of those.