OP Kit #5 Warden Blockade - 1st Place

published Feb 01, 2016 | | |
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kollatt 523

undefeated for our second op #5 kit event. the deck idea came about because i realized how nuts mariel lewis really is. the other chunk of the starting posse as well as some of the hearts choices were inspired by admiralgt's second place london op deck that ran a straight flush draw powered by strength of the ancestors.

the gameplan is to occupy town square immediately with mariel and use the home to fill your hand up with attachments that produce studs, and actions that send the opposition home or punish them for winning. her shootout action doesn't require her to boot, so she's your ideal hand-filler. hot lead flyin's become better as the game extends and generally with enapay making zach a 3-stud from the beginning your opponent isn't going to feel safe starting a fight with you. inevitably kidnappin' forces a conflict, and you can combine lewis' send home ability with accumulated pistol whips to remove their biggest shooters or dudes with no influence. kill them legitimately or with hlf and the game ends in a hurry.

every good or spirit creates a stud, so they'll never have enough sun in yer eyes to slow you down. war paint was originally intended as a free cycler that made some dudes bigger, but i would definitely exchange them for more coachwhips now that i've tested it out. drawing three cards per turn means you'll have no issues finding what you need.

Feb 01, 2016 LordManHammer

Well done!

Feb 01, 2016 DoomDog

I've been playing around with a similar structure trying to set up a Dusty voltron with help from Owl's Insight, but it doesn't work consistently enough. This one is far more straightforward!

Feb 01, 2016 AdmiralGT

I'm going to assume you didn't play against anyone playing Miracles and Shield of Faith? It's a real pain against both Hot Lead Flyin' and Coachwhip! but then you're only running 2 cheatin' resolutions (I'm baffled how you can get away with that!) so maybe it doesn't matter.

Worth starting Enapay as well over Mazatl? Enapay is only 1 extra bullet over Mariel Lewis but then he's not booting in town square. With such a strong draw structure (15-14-14) and no income on lowball losses the extra income can prevent a tempo hit if you don't see deeds early and lose lowball.

Feb 01, 2016 kollatt

enapay's going to end up giving you two more bullets since he's three influence and a stud himself, as well as an 8-value for hot lead flyin' purposes. also as stated above i would move up to four coachwhips in retrospect.

the economy is actually my biggest issue with the deck, which is why there's so many low cost deeds and dudes. i'd love for that to change in the future, but luckily it doesn't need much rock to get going, and having five off-value cards meant i still got my fair share of lowball wins.

Feb 11, 2016 redgun

Hi, tx for sharing. Just one question , why do you start Rico ? for his value/cost ? for some counter ?

Feb 11, 2016 kollatt

yes sir. high value ( for hot lead flyin' ) and influence at a low cost. the grifter ability is just a nice bonus. jake smiley can switch with him if you don't plan on fighting too much ( say against slide decks ).