A Posse of Insane Clowns (With Shotguns)

published Feb 15, 2016 | | |
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Devogenes 37

Deck thrown together inspired by the Micah/shotgun combination. Definitely a pretty fun deck, though it does put a lot of eggs into Micah's basket. Pistol Whip helps to send home big shooters, allowing Micah to execute his function without getting shot himself.

Soul Cage helps with bringing out dudes, and Junior helps to bring out more Soul Cages. They can also be used by Micah to bring targets into Shotgun range, allowing you to get into gear without having to wait for Corporeal Twists.

A big weakness I've encountered is gadget decks running A Slight Modification. Kinda stone walled me in the last round of a OP tournament in which it had otherwise performed quite well. Running with a backup shotgun shooter can help with that but is a bit clunky.

The number of consecutive shootout actions you need to take to fire the shotgun is a bit of a weakness. Pearly's Place helps with that.

Definitely a fun deck. Had fun learning the game with it.