Flying Zombies Ballet of Billy the Kid

published Mar 09, 2016 | | |
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Morgans Flyin Zombies 13 16 12
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Flash 2

My own Flying Zombies Contribution. Love this concept and it works unreal. In fact, in a recent tourney, one opponent just gave up with 6 mins still on the clock when he saw what the zombie force field ornithopter could do. Ive started with Billy so its one less card I need to find, and meant I could put less zombies in the deck. Tried starting with Mario but his ability doesnt gel with others, and you need more than one dude in the shootout to use the ornithopter's ability. Still playtesting it but seeing as other tributes are coming out I wanted to add my own.

Mar 09, 2016 Flash

Want to say, this deck is obiously inspired from the Morgan Flying Zombies deck, but couldnt figure out how to add that detail in.

Mar 09, 2016 Flash

Never mind, found the edit button, sorry, still new at publishing decks.

Mar 09, 2016 Prodigy

Allie and Ballot Counter, interesting. Ballot Counter is obvious, and seems like a good addition. Allie is there to help finish games when you have your flying force fielded zombie, but can't get CPs then, I take it?

Also seems like it would have a lot slower of a start (GR-wise) than the original with 1 income and no Specks. Does it have better late game, instead? I can certainly see it being better vs super early aggression, for sure.

Mar 10, 2016 Flash

@Prodigy Yeah, Allie is the one wild card. Im not convinced yet of her, but she hasnt come up as an issue yet either positively or negatively. She is the first card that could go though. I figured mid to late game Ive often got alot of dudes in the town square, so if Allie is there getting control, might be good. Also, as long as I have GR, which I ussually do by mid game, Billy can boot in, take the hit, go home, boot back in etc, long enough to protect Allie if they really want to make an issue of it. Im open to ditching her for maybe another press or a club. I put the Ballot Counter in as Im using this as a tourney deck, and the game usually hasnt finished in 40 mins, so in the last 5 mins, you can start converting GR to influence to get the win. Have to time that pretty carefully though, and keep an eye on the clock. And remember its only one GR at a time so if your opponent takes their time, it limits how much influence you can buy. With the 1 GR starting, its enough to get a ornithopter. With that its enough to buy deeds, or pats perch, or save for another GR for press. I swapped SPecs for Kyle because I found that I was almost always using specs for his 2 MS rather than his abiity, so rather not pay the 1 upkeep each round. Jen is useful as backup MS( she can invent the press no probs), and a ornithopter turns her into 2 stud 2 influence.