Hawley's Krishnas

published Mar 21, 2016 | | |
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davido 101

1rst Place winner of OP5 event at Game Kastel, Fremont, California.

I've always loved putting on a show for the citizens of Gomorra. Now, with Hawley's Rose, my Aboms can bully away from Town Square and still keep me in the game.

Gina was a starter to fish out a rose, until I realized that booted dudes can't attach goods. derp. The current lineup features 2 native studs, and Jackie I. as a third stud to defend against DRow jobs or early aggro. She works quite well, and is usually the lucky recipient of the coveted 1rst Rose :P

Once I have Roses in hand, my options open up quite a bit in terms of playable dudes. Soul Cage plus 2 Horaces mean that death in the Circus is a momentary inconvenience :D

I forgot the '2 attached cards' ruling on Mugging - it is semi-useful perhaps in booting home an influential deed camper (e.g. a Slide dude), but honestly, I may end up replacing 1 or both with one of the deck's true rockstars - yep, good ol' Bottom Dealin' still wrecking posses as it has since day 1.

I like both Suns and Stakes - both helped bulldoze the path to victory. Key play - I needed Horace and Jake to die to once again trigger Karl's ability. So of course, Horace gets Whipped home. So I staked him back in and now Horace is a 3 Stud. Yes, please.

The other off-value cards are Aboms to bring in as needed.

Since the deck stacks on 2, 3, and 8; I generally win lowball and often lowball ties, especially against pull or high value decks.

Game 1 versus Jon Del Arroz' Aresenal. I did well, overall, but the brain-fart on the mugging rule meant trying to pluck Inbody's Walk the Path (to make life difficult for Wendy) was to no avail (only attached card) and my defense of Karl was now home booted. derp. 0-1

Game 2 vs. Ed Su's Morgan Stables. I bullied Town Square, while Ed tried to get his engine up and running. By the time that happened, I had my Gommora Parish and home ability cranking out GR and was able to flood town square and had enough tech to control the shootouts. (1-1)

Game 3 vs. Zac Seldon's Desolation Row. Same deal - control town square with enough studdage to deter the DRow job and win the attrition game in the climatic shootout.

It was a fun romp, but I think I can tweak the deck a bit more. Perhaps ramp up the theme of Hawley's Krishnas by bringing in the Ringmaster himself and maybe a few puppets too (give 'em roses for full-blown conversion to Krishna???)

Mar 21, 2016 DoomDog

Nice deck! With Hawley's Rose and Horace out now I should look at abominations again - could never build anything I was happy with previously. So far I've found Mugging to be a useful card for launching Legendary Wendy at a dude I really want to send home booted. I'm yet to play against any spell/gadget decks with it. It competing for space with Bottom Dealin' is problematic...

Mar 26, 2016 arts&crofts

Are you starting both copies of Pagliaccio?

Mar 26, 2016 davido

Arts&Crofts - I generally start one Paggy for shootout ability, Tyx as lead shooter, Funtime as a backup stud. If I think I'm facing early aggro (Drow, Judge Harry, etc.) I start JackieI as a defensive stud. If not, I slot in Brute.

Also, if it's looking like CP slide, where I need influence fast, Brute subs for Jackie so Karl kicks in immediately.