Bless Me For I Have Sinned 1.1

published Apr 05, 2016 | | |
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Willisbatman 34

I am trying to workout a blessed huckster deck I have had some success wiith the OG deck I tightened up the draw structure and dropped Twist.

Apr 05, 2016 Zeetoois

You're definitely going to want to drop Legendary Holster, as there are only 3 cards that succeed it's pull (note that it's pull LOWER than your dude's bullets).

Apr 06, 2016 Prodigy

I see one miracle in the whole deck - why not drop the blessed side of things and go for only hucksters? Rev. Perry Inbody is still good for his ability, so he could be kept for that, but maybe Erik Samson's slot is better suited to a huckster or a different stud dude?

Apr 18, 2016 Willisbatman

The Holster is in the deck as a meta card (my play group has a lot of sword decks running around and I don't know of any other high value ranged weapon) also I am going to drop the shadow walk for another walk the path . Erik Samson is in the deck because he synergizes well with talocs furies which boosts both His hukster and blessed power which can be a lot of fun .