2016 Knoxville Outlaw Winner - 108 Auto-Pilots

published May 22, 2016 | | |
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Poulop 20

Very straight forward Deed-slide. Use Wordly Desires and the heretic jokers to win low-ball. If your opponent cheats in low-ball, use "fool me once" to draw extra cards.

First play is moving Clementine to Companhurst's to get the extra influence that cannot be called out. Then proceed to play deeds, play dudes, avoid fights, and use movement shenanigans to stretch your opponents ability to cover both your and his CP's.

MVP's - Hamshanks, Chow, Espinoza, and Sophie.

Chow is SO POWERFUL in this deck if you can get him on the table as he adds to your ability to make your opponent boot all his dudes chasing you around town. With the rate that this deck tends to cycle cards, I got chow in the table in 4 of 7 games during the Outlaw Event.

Sophie is great for dumping money, if needed, as you can move her to Copanhurst's and start dropping influence on Clementine. Often, by the time your opponent realizes what you doing and moves to stop you, you have probable put 2-4 influence on Clementine and you either pistol whip that person or just go home. Now you have dumped enough GR to use your home (primary goal) and added some influence.

I will say that while effective, this deck requires no strategy other than planning your how you are going to move your dudes and is not very fun to play if you like shoot-outs at all.