Elliot Rides the Bicycle All the Way to the Bank!

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Devogenes 37

So Doomtown is neat for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that you can play many-person games. Another is that you can play different formats. What I'm getting at is Multi-Person Bicycle Games.

We had one in Berkeley, and we hope to make it a regular thing. This miserly deck with covetous Mr.Smithson and his den of thieves managed to out Kidnappin' and Ambush the competition, with the help of Ambidextrous Jack and no one sufficiently punishing my abusive cheating.

This deck wags the finger at those who thought bicycle meant no cheating. Lose lawball? Might as well cheat for a ghost rock. Win lowball? Well then you win a bunch of ghost rock can later turn a stinking pay into a totally respectable straight.

Lots of guns. Give guns to your dudes! I was lucky in our little game to have found a Shotgun, a Tusk, and a Legendary Holster early. Jack gets the shotgun and the winchester, and Angelica showed up to take long-distance shots with the legendary holster. Or something. The first few turns were spent sitting at home, watching as opponents exchange early blows.

Then, opportunity strikes! A broke and desperate Eagle Wardens sidekick deck decided that they would Holdup the Oddities of Nature, gaining 3 GR for themselves and 3 bounty on Mr. Francisco Rosales. Francisco consequently found himself the target of a Kidnappin', which Elliot made a net-gain of 4GR. The Eagle Wardens clear out of town, finding themselves terminally short of influence. Jack unboots.

The Oddities cause a ruckus with a Hustings, eliminating all the influence parked at home. With Tyx and friends holding town square, Elliot and the gang were left with little choice but to Ambush the circus. Pagliaccio was rendered into a fine mist by Jack's shotgun. Tyx falls to Double Fist O'Hara and the legendary sniper Angelica, who never makes her pulls. Smithson recoups 1GR and unboots Jack, who waltzes over to the Hustings. And the Circus leaves town.

The 108 Worldly Desires remain in their corner. Having lost some dudes against the Wardens earlier on, though, they're looking a bit worn out. With 6 dudes now floating bounties after Kidnappin' 'Cisco, Sloane (Exp.1) enters the mix for only 3GR. Rico found himself the victim of a Mugging. He shouldn't have been holding that pair of six shooters if he didn't want to get mugged. Elliot makes a GR. Sloane unboots and picks up a Winchester.

The rest of the bunch holed themselves up in Companhurst's with fancy hats and Le Mats. Sloan was surprised to find herself now the victim of a Muggin'. However even without being able to boot the Winchester, the bullets were simply too much to handle.

Bicycle is awesome. Play for flushes. Pay for cheating.

Of course, not having to pay for cheating is what won the game. Coachwhip would have sucked at any point. Or Fool Me Once... and each opponent draws.

Election Day Slaughter involves a certain political risk not represented in 2 player games. Force everyone to gang up on you? Only a cunning devil like Elliot Smithson would dream it.

May 23, 2016 jordan caldwell


The concern our local meta has is that Den of Thieves is "broken" in Bicycle - at least two people have expressed concern or outright suggested that it be banned in the format. Having won the 4-person multiplayer knockout, what is your opinion?

May 23, 2016 Devogenes

The problem with it is similar to Devil's Joker in bicycle, but more pronounced because it recurs.

2 hand rank means a lot more in bike than in standard. It's also harder to punish cheating. I think at least one person was carrying a coachwhip and a LaMat, but never had an opportunity to use them.

In this game, I think I only used the home ability once in a shootout. But the rest of the time it's generating money on lost lowballs.

I think it's a bit mean to ban it, especially in multi-player where people have the opportunity to gang up on someone. Also, while each player has less cheating cards, there are more players who can play cheating cards against you. It's also the only conceivable reason why anyone would play Law Dogs in bicycle. I was going to sleeve a Fool Me Once... specifically for other DoTs, but ended up betting against it and winning.

So I don't think it should be banned, but I think that people should definitely eliminate any jerk that plays it.

May 23, 2016 jordan caldwell

So you admit that Elliot Smithson is a jerk? He was certainly an MVP. I think unbooting, especially in multiplayer, has a higher value, because days can go long.

May 23, 2016 Devogenes

I admit it readily.