Cloverfield bounty hunters

published Jun 29, 2016 | | |
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oortje 82

This is a deck I had in mind since the preview of putting the pieces together. This is trying to be an aggressive deck, without resorting to cheating. There is a fair change of getting a flush obviously, which is not strong to start, but when you have 1 putting the pieces together, you rank just as high as a full house. Since most decks can generate a fullhouse (legal or illegal quite often) It is wise to back it all up with a few good actioncards. The big backdraw ofcourse is getting an illegal hand on the lowball. Once you have a second piece together, things will go smoother. The deck realy punishes cheating, which will also be its weakness. Since this can clog your hand very easy, once the opponent tries to avoid it. If you ever get 4 pieces together then you shoud be king in every shootout. As long as you don't cheat ofcourse. The obvious weaknesses are econ and movement. On the influence part this is not strong. Getting more than 6 influence out will be rare unless your econ is flowing. Comin up roses is an intresting cheating punishment which could help te get a straightflush. I think that if this card is any good, it will be in these kind of heavy flushdecks. The second theme of the deck is bounty. Try to get em up to at least 2 bounty and then try to hang 'm. There are multible cards that support this theme. You might wonder why I didnt try to build this with the judge exp.1 . Well Its not that I dont think he is bad, but starting with him just makes everything else so slow. your econ and influence. He is just a one-trick-pony. It is all-in from the start, it seems. Did I miss anything? I probably did. Just comment if you want to ask me anything related.

10 cloverfield quote: Howard: People are strange creatures. You can't always convince them that safety is in their best interest.