108 Worldly DMHs - Games of Berkeley Deputy 1st Place

published Jul 10, 2016 | | |
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Derived from
108 Worldly Dead Man's Handits 1.2 - EU Marshal 2nd Place 7 9 1
Inspiration for
108 Dead Man's Hands 3 2 2

eagleslide 8

This deck is basically designed by Doomdog, so huge kudos to him for crafting and perfecting this awesome deck.

He went in detail on the strategy in his write up, so I will cover only my edits:

  • swapped This'll Hurt in the Mornin' for Reserves - it helps with rotation of 8 of clubs in case they are stuck in your hand; this tends to happen to me more often than not

  • swapped Kidnappin' for additional Charlie's Place; my play style is more control based, so parking Forster Cooke in this deed helps me with not worrying about him hanging out there solo. Both cards are off value, so there is no impact on draw structure (if anything, you are less likely to cheat). I ended up drawing and playing Charlie's Place in all 5 games and only once extra copy got stuck in my hand for a few rounds.

Thanks to the Games of Berkeley store for hosting us and big thanks to Zach for organizing the tournament.