2016 Gencon Sheriff/Marshal Winner: Grifter Blitz Swarm/Milt

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Den Swarm 2016 Revisited: W2D Grifter Article 1 0 5

Lapp 86

Deck has evolved from many versions but finally got it working. Concept was simple. I always preferred the 16/16/10 draw structure so started there, then cut down to who are the essential dudes that could be in my starting posse for Den of Thieves:

Allie*, Fred, Willa, Milt*, Makeo*, Rico*, Travis, Barton*

That leaves 2 off suit remaining so I chose cheatin resolutions not on value with any of those dudes, just for sake of off suits showing up in lowball, so that's why there's the 1x flight and it's not what you know.

A full report will be posted to the Gomorrah Gazette. For now I'd say the only changes I would make is maybe dropping Blake Ranch and Ulysses. I never bought either, as I'm already establishing economy w/out Blake and Samantha Cooke is a better meta choice to discard Force Fields or Evidence. Dead Dog and Town Council can later be swapped out I'm sure.

Aug 09, 2016 mplain

Sloane 3+4+7

Looks like the game went full circle, back to where we started in 2014 :)

Aug 15, 2016 tbowers13

But what would you swap the Dead Dog and Town Council for?

Aug 15, 2016 Lapp

Nothing right now, I forgot Town Council is Government so it functions with Notary Public for raising Milt bounty and trait on Dead Dog is great for Grifters defending, just meant in regards to swapping for any potential 4 deeds in new expansion. Besides Cooke, I swapped Blake for Maza hideout, cheaper and easier to defend.