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shekky_ducky 40

This is the deck I took to Gencon 2016. Took second in the Outlaw event that Saturday.

Aug 18, 2016 Doowa

Did you consider starting Mario Crane?

How did you win, just by shooting?

Aug 19, 2016 shekky_ducky

I did indeed win by shooting. There was also pretty decent CP accumulation with Allie and the Des Row home. Lawrence was perfect for throwing in that last minute, game-winning CP.

I did consider Mario, but he presents a few problems: 1) He's too expensive. This deck needs to start as many dudes as possible since the bulk of it is actions. 2) His bullets are too low, making him and my entire gang susceptible to Takin' Ya With Me and Outgunned and complicating the use of Kidnappin'. 3) His most useful ability is a failsafe against losing shootouts. That's great, losing a shootout isn't common with this deck. ;)

I'm definitely open to suggestions! I just don't believe that starting with fewer, more expensive dudes is worth it. Even if they have very useful abilities.