spiritual movement 2.0

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jaythejester 435

I had built Spiritual Movement, tested it and found some very strong themes. I then made some significant changes to the deck and published it. The changes seem to have slowed it down far to much. This is much closer to the original concept. No The Whateley Estate, or Nicodemus Whateley, and no Red Horse's Tail. Horses tails can have an affect on the opponents movement, but they often get left unused in play, and most often do nothing but take up valuable gr and a card in hand. Over all, they did not contribute to the decks themes of movement, unbooting, adjacency, and holy grounds.

Reintroducing buried treasure drastically improves this deck, since it reduces effective deck size, and produces gr.

Now starting Enapay instead of Kabeda Hakurei since he is excellent at controlling a location during noon, and increasing another shamans influence so they can move in to control a deed.

Nov 10, 2016 DoomDog

Have you tried Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles in a deck like this?

Nov 10, 2016 jaythejester

I really considered him for this deck. The reason I didn't include him is because he is a bad draw early game before you get many cards into play. I wanted to be very careful how many dudes were higher cost. His high influence, end game low cost, and forcing opponent to cover the town square as well, might make him worth it. Not sure what to change to include him.

Nov 10, 2016 Nobuyoki

How do you manage to gain tse-Che's control point without Silver Pheasant's? You have only one deed that can self boot, and it's only for a cheatin resolution. Or the control point from the tse-che doesn't interest you since you will move the shaman anyway?

Nov 10, 2016 twoeyedjack

I agree with the above. Having played the first version, I found that there were not enough deeds. I managed to get two into play after seven rounds of play, and they did not have a boot mechanism inherent to take advantage of the control point possibility.

Also, the only shaman that can take advantage of Many Speak as One reliably is Black Elk. I managed to pull the Professor three times and failed the skill test as a result.

I would keep Tse-Che-Nako's Weaving as the only 6 values in the deck, eliminating anything below 9 values that isn't in starting posse, and change up the deeds a bit. Refocus towards 10's and J's to get a stronger draw structure overall. As is, there is no fall back in case you don't get any land out, and you can't stay on your opponent's land due to bad shootout structure. Moving away risks losing the game.

I like the concept. It's an Eagle Warden deck that isn't spirit fortress or camp town square DMH.