6-8 Bobo the Furious Clown

published Dec 25, 2016 | | |
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oortje 82

This is a gimmicky deck, so dont expect a serious win chance. But if you like big shootout hands this is your thing.

The point is to be as agrassive with Bobo as you possible can. While smiling Tom is in play, you will keep on smilling, because Tom will give bobo a +4 stud bonus. This will increase as the game moves on. because Tlaloc's Furies increases the skill level of by the number of Furies in play. Potentially if you have all 4 in play, Bobo can be a stunning 16 stud (1 base, + 4 from Tom's base huckster skill, +1 huckster from the outfit, +4 modified Huckster skill, +4 melee from the Tlaloc's Furies and if your lucky you can be faster on the draw (+2) )

If he gets aced, use Horace Manse to resurrect him from boothill. If he gets discarded simple get a new one or play a Hired Guns.

Start the game by booting freddy to retrieve the ony 2 spells.

I could not find room for 4 5clubs and 4 4clubs. This could result in Straight flushes.

This deck has too little influence to actually win games.

At some point I will make one with shotguns as well. :)