Miraculous Pieces

published Jan 31, 2017 | | |
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Prodigy 695

My latest attempt at a different kind of Putting The Pieces Together deck. I've played this in various games on OCTGN, and a few times in the most recent OCTGN league to varied success... but it is almost always fun.

Blessed's biggest problem, always, is actually being able to win a shootout. They are damn good at not losing, but PTPTs cover that weakness beautifully, making for some very powerful board presence possibilities.

Like all blessed decks these days, it's all about Father Tolarios - you just simply cannot build a blessed deck without him. If he survives long enough, this deck really cannot be beaten. He searches up almost literally every tool in the deck. Searchable:
-Confessions help if the opponent sits on your deeds, and allows room for the PTPTs. Remember you can load your own dudes up with bounty and gain the ghost rock if your opponent is playing hard to reach.

-Get Behind Me, and Onward are obvious and powerful shootout spells

-Amazing grace is fantastic and can help either stay in the game another round, or pull off that last minute CP victory, or just to get Tolarios into position to use his ability

-Jael's Guile is the only cheatin' punishment other than the starting Tommy Harden, so it's important that it be searchable

-Tlaloc's Furies are always amazing, enabling extra awesomeness with Confession and Get Behind Me, Satan!

-And while normally rather unimpressive, The Lord Provides allows you to search up your PTPTs, one by one every round if you wish.

Simply put, if they don't run kidnappin on your blessed dudes, you'll become out of control in short order.

The draw structure is tuned for the least amount of cheating possible with a 3 value deck (6, 7, and 10). Ideally you will only put one, at most, of each of those 3 values into play in any given suit (no more than 1 6 of hearts, 1 6 of diamonds, etc etc).

The serious weakness to early spot removal makes it not a "top tier" choice in my eyes, but if the opponent doesn't run it or can't find it... they're in for a rough ride!