1st place *Epitaph Series Zwolle, NL Juli 2017* The Law Dogs

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Dementia 21

Very aggressive deck with lots of possibilities to force a call out, either with a bounty hunter, Run 'Em Down or Ol' Fashioned Hangin'.

We had 5 contestant in this event. 3 of them brought their Law Dogs to the fight. Ik started with a Bye and after I won 3 matches in a row. I was very happy with the deck all through this event. I rarely had money problems and I always had enought cards to react to a shootout or start one.

I used doomsday supply for pulling horses out of my discard pile. I sometimes used the abilities on the horses but they were mainly there for calling the cavelry. In most cases I brought 2 horses to a fight so I had a steady hand rank increase of 2. This combos really well gambler's gun. I some cases I had to use Cheatin' varmint to boost the hand rank through the roof. So even with low draw hands I could still come out victorious.

This deck is far from perfect, but it worked really well for me. A downside would be the amount of dudes and the total influence. In the final I almost lost, because I didn't have enough influence. I would probably look for a more balanced 16-16-16 structure instead of the straight flush structure next time.

Jul 16, 2017 kollatt

i was working on a deck similar to this, running horses and it's own ctc as a meta counter for all the regulator decks. good to see law dogs rocking some wins :]

Jul 17, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations on showing Cavalry can work out of LDs too. :)

Look forward to seeing any 3x16 (or similar) version you work up, but also pleased to see a straight flush deck do well and that there is room in the game for a variety of draw structures.

Jul 18, 2017 Dementia

When I have a 3X16 version I'll post it here.