Sha-Moon Brotherhood

published Aug 13, 2017 | | |
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DoomDog 931

I've been trying out a variety of different ideas in the OCTGN Epitaph League. Some of them completely failed to work, but this one actually racked up a few wins. It's a Fourth Ring deck rather than an Eagle Wardens one because I decided I was going to represent the Fourth Ring for the Epitaph series.

I wanted to play a deck that used Siege Of The Orphanage. Thinking of good ways to use it led towards focusing on Epidemic Laboratory as my win condition. But how to defend the Lab? Totems! Mother Bear's Rage alongside The Caretaker and "Professor" Duncan with Buffalo Rifles, and plenty of other dudes to throw into fights.

Full Moon Brotherhood making callouts irrefusable also made the Bear more of a threat, as it prevented the 'move a dude in, take the callout and run, move another dude in safely' scenario that can occur. As usual, it also proved useful for blanking Jake Smiley for a sneaky win.