Grudge Match: GenCon 2017 Community Event

published Aug 26, 2017 | | |
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Lapp 64

Greetings Doomies! Last week at GenCon, Pine Box Entertainment hosted a community event at Kilroy's to kick off a great weekend of Doomtown Events. Last year after my Marshal victory, Scott Wisely challenged me to a game, informing me that he's managed to beat every previous US and UK Marshall. We never got around to that game, so we made sure to get this duel resolved this year to kick things off.

I figured I'd dust off my old Oddities Town Square deck from the original Sheriff Series. It's pretty much the same, A/2/7 shooter based around the Allie win condition and some backup options with Hunter's Protection, a point from AFTNF, deeds, etc. Updating the deck it's gained Grey Man, which is even more potent with a Peacemaker, and I dropped off a couple weapons to switch out for newer cards.

The deck was initially designed to disguise itself as a huckster deck based on the starting posse, but this is a bit dated mind you. Only Travis if you don't have a starting hand to fight and first play is to get Brute out in town square to block and use the outfit ability.

In our game, Scott knows his Law Dogs can't let my monsters build up, so he gets in an early fight that goes south. I remember only the last key play, when my Baiju Jar cycled 3 cards in hand (pistol whip w/2 useless cards) and I draw a bottom dealin, coachwhip, pistol whip, and sun in yer eyes to seal in the last fight. Sorry I don't have any more details partner, but those fancy drinks the waitress were serving up may be an attributing factor.

I'll be switching it up next year to give Scott his rematch. Looking forward to it!

Aug 28, 2017 Harlath

Top Baijiu Jar use - I remember the pondering over the decision and the drama as it paid off! It is an excellent cards and worth playing outside Kung-Fu decks, as you've excellently demonstrated here. A pleasure to meet you and thanks to Pinebox for organising the meet and greet at Kilroy's - it was well attended and got the convention off to a great start.

The Scott v Lapp match was obviously the main event at GenCon and all future tournaments. ;)

It is also good to see this deck and several others that demonstrate that Doomtown's poker value driven deck construction and limited power creep means that a strong, enjoyable deck can be made with more than half of the cards coming from the base set.

Top tip for others challenging Lapp - wait until he's had a few more pitchers at Kilroy's.

Aug 28, 2017 davido

similar to my Hawley Krishnas on 2/3/7 featuring Bobo/Harvester (2x each) recursion via Soul Cages, Piece of the Action, and Ivor Xp etc.

Two low values plus a loose 14/14/13 structure let me win lowball for the GR and the coveted first action.

Aug 29, 2017 Lapp

I completely forgot just how much of this deck was from base set! I do feel like strong decks can be built from only a few expansions, I was impressed that Geoff Prugh went 3-3 in the World Championship with a deck that contained only Core Set and the 1st Saddlebag.

Aug 29, 2017 Harlath

Indeed - Geoff is a fine player, which certainly contributes (mentioned him in one of my reports!), but I think Doomtown's poker based deck construction helps here.

Might be a good thing to work in to an article - building Doomtown decks on a budget. Easier here than in other games. Kickstarter is also a good chance for people to get in cheaply.

Quite like the 2:1:1:1 format (2x base set, 1x pinebox, 1x saddlebag, 1x four of any card from a single set) - this lets new players participating on a relatively even footing more cheaply and gives veterans an interesting deck building challenge. :)

Aug 29, 2017 DoomDog

I think you can still build some pretty good Morgan decks using just base set cards, and decent Sloane ones too. Law Dogs look ok until someone plays a Shotgun or Soul Blast :(

Aug 30, 2017 Harlath

@DoomDog - that's one of the reasons I like the 2:1:1:1 format mentioned above - Law Dogs can choose Blood Moon Rising to get access to Hattie DeLorre and "Thunder Boy" Nabbe so they don't have a terrible match up against the two frequently used base set cards you mention. :)