Top 4 finisher PAX Unplugged

published Nov 24, 2017 | | |
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I honestly don't remember much about matches, but thankfully players like Zac do and post detailed reports.

What I can tell you is that this deck's only loss was twice to the eventual winner, Zac. I lost to him first round and had to climb my way back up. His Protection Racket with Raven was able to push against my weak posse with reliability. It kept me from being able to play many deeds without fear of the Sloane Gang coming after my stuff.

Later in the day, I was attacked first and second round by Kidnappins. I somehow survived and was able to win with a few good shootout hands.

In the top four, I was paired against Zac again. I tried to maneuver better than the previous game, but Inbody failed a critical ability pull that left my dudes all booted when they needed to defend deeds.

After the day was done, I would say Grimme wasn't necessary. I'd rather use the same ghost rock to trade Phil out for Tommy so there could be more studs in my starting posse. I had 4 confessions in the deck when I won my local Epitaph event. I switched to 4 Lay on Hands. The deck would have probably run better having 4x confession and only 2x Lay on Hands. The deck surprisingly shoots well most of the time. Matyrs Cry saved my butt on a few occasions when I tied with my opponent. I never got Abram on the table. I'm not entirely sure he's worth keeping if I could run a few 10 value dudes to tighten up the draw structure some more.

Dec 04, 2017 Harlath

Thanks for the comments, particularly on switching KS dudes for 10Ss. Maybe Clyde Owens for a forced callout option or Deborah West as an extra back-up Blessed?

Well done! :)