Shan Fan Dogs!

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Weron 4

Played this in the OCTGN league. It's a melee weapon forced call out deck, if that is a decktype :P Managed to qualify with 3 win 3 loss, at least 2 of those losses would probably have been wins if the draws hadn't let me down :) Then I lost the first round of finals.

Plan is to use Stewart Davidson to make dudes wanted, then go to their home to call them out with gadgets (or miracles in a pinch). For starters make 0-inf dudes wanted to invent with Dr. Dayl Burnett if you either need to invent many Hydro-Puncher or avoid failing on a Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton. Then the opponents shooters are primary bounty targets to get Hattie DeLorre bullet reduction going.

Use Hydro-Puncher + a weapon, Faster on the Draw, Shan Fan Showdown! and Sword of the Spirit to get studs. Shooting values are 10-J, with 6 and 7 sometimes helping make a full house.

Fish for miracles with Ezekiah Grimme. This often doesn't work, but Rev. Perry Inbody is staying at home buffing and untapping dudes most of the time anyway. In theory, Dayl could invent 3 things in one turn :)

Economy is a problem. Law dogs dudes are so expensive! I'm not sure if Stewart Davidson is really worth the 4 GR, but he is a straightforward way to deal out bounty. I am probably trying to do too much in this deck and could benefit from some trimming.

I had a lot of fun and a lot of shootouts with this deck. I don't think it is reliable in scoring CP and winning games, but that was not the most important thing when I made it.

Dec 10, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations on making the T8 and pleased to see something innovative working well and being fun too. Law Dog Mad Science and Blessed are now in a pretty good position for gadgets/spells, they maybe just need slightly better dudes (with the notable exception of Father Tolarios, but he can be hard to fit in due to his upkeep).

Is it worth considering a Point Blank or two off value? It combos well with Shan Fan Showdown! and you can even use Hattie DeLorre to use it as a semi-targeted acing action. Showdown is already a good card, but even better when you can make use of its unbooting effect.

Well done again. :)