Roses Are Black

published Mar 12, 2018 | | |
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Mad Pip Madestro 62

A tweaked update of a deck I introduced to my playgroup recently. This deck uses a variety of tricks to cycle needed cards and build up an economy without heavy reliance on starting upkeep. As the game progresses, it maximizes the odds of playing a straight flush while using 9s and 6s as light back-up structure. It's design also allows it to play a wide variety of jobs in a single turn, pressuring your opponent into anxiety over how to stage their counter-offensive. In at least one game, I was able to pay 9 upkeep without wearing down any of the deck's economic strength for that turn. The presence of no less than 14 Cheatin' Resolutions also ensures your foe is going to keep a good clean fight... or else. A tip of the hat goes to Jordan Caldwell for helping me finalize this version.

Mar 12, 2018 jordan caldwell

I've seen this deck pull 3 jobs turn one. Either way, how it makes use of The Fixer is pretty cool.

It reminds me of stuff I see that Jayjester Industries cooks up...