Gadget + Blessed Law Dogs: Neutralize in the Town Square!

published Mar 12, 2018 | | |
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Welsh Wizard 10

This deck is all about running jobs in the town square, to dominate.

Mar 15, 2018 Prodigy

I always love a mash up of skills in a deck. If you don't mind some helpful tips, one thing to consider might be the decks economy. As it stands now, it might not ever be able to pay for any gadgets or deeds. You're looking at 1 starting GR if you lose lowball, and you'll be infinitely stuck at 1 GR unless you win lowball.

It has Recruitment Drive and A Coach Comes to Town, but with gadget and spell decks they typically require some time to build up to be able to fight off the opposing posse. If you seriously tighten up the draw structure, you'll be able to better come out of the gate swinging (without the help of gadgets/spells, potentially), but even that is a gamble. Its very hard to rely on jobs like Coach Comes to Town to get an economy going turn 1/2 without having a strong deck structure along with shootout actions/tricks.

Maybe instead of Establishin Whos In Charge, Plasma Drill, and another card here or there, consider Disgenuine Currency Press, and/or a posse that allows a higher starting GR or higher income.