The chinese toreadors

published Mar 30, 2018 | | |
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oortje 82

Hi, I present to you you the chinese bullfighters. In essence this is 3 valuedeck, but it is a little more thought out. The philosophy is to take less casualties the my opponent. And therefor I should be able to outlast my opponent. When it going to get tough, the though gets going. I will try to trade casualties with Behold White Bull to win against monsterdudes. To achieve this I need influence. Yan Li's Tailoring, Shifu Speaks,Baijiu Jar and The Mayor's Office help increase influence and therefor also casualties. As allways my kungfu decks i focus on carddraw. I want to gain the upper hand by throwing more combat cards then my opponent. It is fun to play but hard to combo. Enjoy!