Derringer Sloane

published Apr 11, 2018 | | |
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RNash 43

Derringer, for those unfamiliar, is a format in which deck building is limited to 1 of a card title. You can still play 4 of a value. Our local game store is doing a Derringer event, so I whipped up some basic archetypes for the format in case anyone comes to the database looking for ideas.

This is a straight forward town square shootout deck. Get Allie Hensman and friends into town, post up with your guns and shootout actions, and push forward to victory. One card I want to highlight here is Siege Of The Orphanage, which is here both for defending deeds and as Headline tech. You can play it in any location, including town square, if all you are looking to do is preempt a devastating Headline like Behold White Bull or Calling The Cavalry. An Accidental Reunion has more general utility, but is in there for much the same reasons.