Blessalation Row

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jaythejester 449

The poor fools at jesters industries have been feeling very remorseful. They have been truly naughty wicked evil fools. Félix Amador has shown them all the errors of their ways and is now taking their Confessions

This deck, oh boy. This deck is meant to capitalize on Desolation Row's trait that all your dudes with 4 bounty are worth +1 control point. You win by playing large numbers of dudes and running MASSIVE gangs of dudes into Kidnappin's against dudes that are at opponents private locations. If you manage to win the shootout, spectacular! If you don't win the first shootout round your goal is to take as few casualties as possible, possibly even zero with the cards that allow you to reduce your casualties. You're real goal is NOT actually to kidnap opponents dudes (though, that's great if it happens). Your goal is to rack up 1 or 2 bounty on every dude you send into the kidnappin' posse, and escape alive with the bounty.

You also have a home job that can earn you extra income and bounty. Your not really set up at the start of the game to run this job, but if you have built up a large enough posse that you feel confident running the job, and you don't have a kidnappin' that round, you can try running it.

Agent Provocateur is meant for early game protection and trades out to bring some of your slightly higher cost dudes into play.

Apr 23, 2018 Prodigy

Somehow, despite playing with the card for a long time, I never realized you could use Confession to put bounty on your own dudes. Always knew you could remove it (won multiple games vs judge decks solely because of this), but that is news to me! Perfect home to exploit that, well done!