Warren Grave's Arrival !

published May 23, 2018 | | |
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yoritomobobo 33

Just trying to exploit a dubious combo i found between Warren graves and serendipitous arrival because why not ? :) Basically cheat your guys with serendipitous arrival, then use graves to keep them in play without paying for them. :)

May 24, 2018 Harlath

Top jank and excited to see you how does for you in live matches - may prove competitive too. :)

Link to official rules answer on the Warren Graves/Serendipitous Arrival interaction if anyone needs it: forums.pineboxentertainment.com

My only sadness here is that the abilities on Warren Graves and Nathan Shane always felt like they were the wrong way round. Based on Nate Dogg's heroic rescue of Warren G in their hit single "Regulate" surely the abilities should be the other way round?