No clubs, no problem

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thesirz 5

I keep hearing that the new Analytical Cognisizer will make experimental gadgets playable, so i wanted to publish this deck I've been having success with to show that they're playable even without it.

In shootouts you will almost always be ahead in bullets, and Limited cheating punishment is rarely a major concern with Decimator Arrays and Force Fields keeping you ahead or even in hand rank, especially since you usually only want to stay in long enough to trigger Hellstrom by casualties or using an Asyncoil Gun or Rich Mans Guard Dog anyway.

Speaking of the Asyncoil Gun, Elander Boldman takes it to truly ridiculous levels, especially when given to Post-a-Tron and paired with a Hydro Puncher.

Other experimental gadgets also play a big role. Regulators allows the Aetheric Shockwave Inducer to turn any dude into a frightening force that can hold a deed on his own, and the Miasmic Purifier are two control points that are very risky to take away from you.

Unprepared and mugging are of course problems, but nothing you can't work around. I've also thought about swapping in Cavalry Escort over Rich Man's Guard Dog to make your defensive tech more mobile, but haven't tried it yet. There's a lot of room left to experiment, so don't wait for the Cognisizer to pull out your experimental gadgets.

Jul 07, 2018 DoomDog

Decimator Array and Devil's Six Gun both really help the clubless deck out. Good to see you're having success with this. The Elander/Asyncoil/Hydro-Puncher/POST-A-TRON combo sounds like a scary thing to face, especially with Hellstromme in the mix.

Do you ever find yourself stuck with a hand full of Hearts? If so adding a few cards that can be cycled back into the deck could help, like Bacillus Pasteuria, The Evidence and various Sidekicks. Borrowing Ambrose Douglas might also be useful there.

Early economy looks tight and reliant on POST-A-TRON. Has that caused you any problems?

Is Testing Range doing much work for you? General Store looks like it might be handy in this deck, or maybe an Epidemic Laboratory to encourage opponents into coming out to fight you?

Jul 08, 2018 thesirz

I like testing range for its first ability. If i lose a dude with a bunch of gadgets i can replace them without booting to many mad scientists, but its very corner case and i have a bit of redundancy in that anyway. I do like your suggestions as upgrades.

The deck is definitely vulnerable to an early kidnapping on Post-a-Tron, but I'm often the winner, and will always play a gadget first play so that Luke can make him at least a 4 stud in a shootout, which has worked to deter that so far.

I haven't had a huge need for cyclers as I've found that with the spirit fixers i have and the sheer number of hearts, i can play out my draw structure and still reliably hit a straight flush.