Technological Exhibition at its worst.. (copy)

published Jul 08, 2018 | | |
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Howl86 1

Jul 08, 2018 Howl86

Hey Guys, be gentle this my first Attempt to build a deck from stratch. My basic idea was using the home ability and the Technological Exhibition to allow building without booting. Ghost rock should never be an issue, with A coach comes to town, and post-a-tron. I hope I’ll be able to get telepathy helmet into play as quick as possible giving me the ability to look at my opponents hand at any time, and protection from all shootout plays if you win lowball.. I think lol If you have any ideas or thoughts feel free to leave them.


Jul 11, 2018 Neramoor

I'm not sure how much you are getting out of hellstomme. You are going to struggle to run the exhibition if you haven't found one due to the bullet penalty. I would either add more guns, possibly hydro punchers to go with your gadget dudes or drop him. As you are already short of money at the start the second might be the better way to go.